America's Favorite Veterinarian Contest
Halted Due to cyber-bullying

Finalists to be Honored Collectively

The 2015 America's Favorite Veterinarian Contest has been halted, and we have declared all 20 finalists “America’s Favorite Veterinarians” following a vicious cyber-bullying attack which disrupted and contaminated the final election process. Activists opposed to cat declawing “hijacked” the contest, resorting to cyber-bullying the majority of the contest finalists. The attacks were reprehensible and undeserved, and have undermined the spirit of the competition and caused the contestants undue harm. Read the press release for more information.

 We thank you for your interest in the contest, and we are truly sorry for what has happened. Our contestants deserve the utmost respect for what they do every day as veterinarians. We ask that those who are bullying these contestants immediately stop. Please join us in honoring these veterinarians with the respect they deserve.

Here are a few examples of veterinarians working outside of the exam room:

Food Supply Medicine

Food Supply Medicine

Veterinarians play a critical role in food safety - from the farm to the family table by:

Public Health

Public Health

Six out of seven Center of Disease Control and Prevention Critical Biological Agents "Category A" diseases are diseases common to both animals and humans.  Because of this, there is an acute need for veterinarians in the public health workforce.  They play an important role in:

Training and Research

Teaching & Research

In the United States there are 30 colleges of veterinary medicine that graduate over 2,600 veterinarians annually. Veterinary college/school faculty members:

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